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Andrea Dasilva, M Ed., RCC 

Counsellor in Vancouver, BC 

Are you feeling stuck or trapped in your present circumstances?  Have the problems and stresses of life gotten you down?  Frightened and uncertain about how you are going to cope with what will happen next or is happening now?

I understand how it can all seem to be overwhelming or just too much to deal with.  You are certainly not alone in the crushing feelings of frustration or disappointment you may be experiencing at this time. Despite the challenges, you have courageously taken the first step to getting untangled from the web of issues in your life; the first step to freedom

My name is Andrea Dasilva and I would be honored to help you re-discover your true potential, your confidence, your abilities and strengths that are and have always been with you - they are just not easily seen or accessible sometimes.  When a dark cloud seems to be looming over your head, it is tough to see the glimmer of bright light, of hope, that is within you.  I would really like to help you feel better about yourself and life in general; I want to help you see that your crisis is an opportunity in disguise.  I most want to help you feel empowered.  


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